Wow, I’ve been quoted!

Not sure whether that’s a good or a bad thing. On Simon’s latest news post he quoted me — without my permission, I might add. I just can’t help being the soundbite kind of person… And also at the end he actually linked to two pictures that I’ve created! Honestly! Apparently he’s getting worried about me… I really don’t know what he’s talking about… wibble fish marmite.

Anyway. Today I got up at 7:30 just so that I could get a lift to Fordham 🙂 It was good. Then back onto campus, I had lunch with mad welshman Phil and then we chatted for a bit at his flat. Then on to “The Event That Was Formerly Known As Tower Evangelism.” aka, Washing Up. With the CU. That was good fun, we didn’t do many flats and didn’t get in many great conversations — but we did serve people!

Now I’m sitting in a computer lab whilst some birds are twittering just outside the window or something. It’s rather annoying… I’m going now. Bye.


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