Hi Everybody!

Hello! Just to let you know that I’m still alive and well… I came home on the train yesterday. I brought my bike back home with me… the journey was OK. Did you know that it would probably be possible to get from Colchester to Ipswich on train without paying anything? There are ways of getting on and off the platform without anybody noticing or checking for tickets, it’s only out of honesty that I actually paid…

Anyway. It’s been a good time at home, quite restful! I’m driving the car back home this evening (in about half an hour, actually) because I’m taking people on the house party next week. So if you read this in time and you’re on the roads between Colchester and Ipswich — look out 😉

Apart from that, not much to say. I’ll update sometime in the next few days. Or whatever. Later…


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