Today was good!

I went to Fordham this morning. It was a family service. Then I spent a very pleasurable afternoon at Wrabness with Simon, Foz and Liz. It was good just to spend some time with a few friends — I haven’t been able to see them for any length of time recently given that I’ve had exams and the like! And Simon has just sent me a message that he will be going to the summer ball after all — woo-hoo!

Then I went to Generation:Y with Foz this evening. That was a good evening, talking about the importance of reading the Bible. It struck me that I can spend hours revising for an exam and quote large bits — I could draw you a diagram of a Successive Approximation Analogue to Digital Converter if you want… but I don’t devote any time to remembering the word of God. I emphasise the remembering because I read it daily, but I don’t really put any effort into remembering it. I really should.

And that’s it. I’m very tired, so I’m going to be going to bed soon! Night…


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