Sorry about lack of updates!

Sorry that I haven’t updated this in a few days… I haven’t really done much, as you can probably guess! If you’re a fairly regular reader you could probably guess what I’ve been up to.

I just wanted to say that I’m not going to post anything for the next couple of days… tomorrow and Saturday I’m working at Newmarket racecourse. I get on the coach at 12:30 PM, it’s an hour and a half journey there, then I’ve got to work until about 11 (maybe), then come back home. Now, I might not get back home until 2 in the morning depending on when I finish and when other people finish (we have to wait for another group). The unfortunate thing is that I’m working on the Saturday as well, and I have to be on the coach at 7:30 that morning. So that’s about four hours sleep, then another long day… hopefully I won’t collapse due to exhaustion! It’s only for two days so I should be able to handle it, it’s not the first time I’ve had to make do with not much sleep.

So yeah, don’t expect any updates til at least Saturday night, quite possibly Sunday, to let you know how it went!


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