What have I been up to today? Well, you already know a couple of hours’ worth ๐Ÿ˜‰ This morning I went to church. A family service, it was good. All about the Church being a body.

Then I came home, had lunch, watched Wimbledon, started work on a book I had an idea for yesterday, had tea, chatted to Andy B oh the phone for an hour, spent an hour searching for a CD which I couldn’t find, and finally worked on the book a bit more.

I expect you’ll want to know a bit about this particular book I speak of. No? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. I’ve been reading quite a lot of Douglas Adams recently. Well, stuff that he’s written at least. I finished “The Salmon of Doubt” yesterday. Then I read something on some labour MP’s website which is supposed to be for ‘yoof’ (it’s more ironic and a satire, but…) My immediate thoughts were “I can do that!” (to an extent — I will never be able to write anything approaching the genius of the late Douglas Adams). So I decided to write something funny in my own style. A short story, or something. The only problem was, I didn’t know what it was going to be about. I had a little brainstorming session (as I was going to bed — always the best time, if you want to stay awake for a long time…) and decided to write a Spy spoof. I know this has been done to death with three Austin Powers films and “Johnny English” (not to mention Bond films have really been spy spoofs for quite a long time now) but trust me: no-one has ever done anything like this before. Perhaps a similar story (in fact, intentionally so) but not my style of writing.

When I’ve written enough of it, I’ll consider posting it up here. Or — worse — I’ll e-mail it to people and ask for them to comment on it personally. That’s always the worst kind, then you feel obliged… Mur Ha HA HAA!!!!

Sorry. Sweet dreams… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope the undocumented bed features don’t bite.


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