I’m BACK!!!

Woo-hoo!!! I’m back safely!!! Right then, I’ll try and be relatively brief.

I left on Friday afternoon for Norwich. Long story short, I had to wait two hours for the train. The 1402 train to Norwich was delayed because of the heat, trouble with overhead power cables near London Liverpool Street. Fortunately, I spent an hour waiting with Phil B: he got a train from Colchester to Ipswich so we could at least wait together. It was very hot, but at least we survived!

Anyway. Spent until Monday morning at Phil’s, then it was off on the coach at 7:30 Monday morning. Although the day was quite hot, we were OK in an air conditioned coach 🙂 We got to the Bath and West Showground at about 2:30 that day, and set up camp.

The next part I’ll just skim through: it was really great. The main meetings were probably the best bit, an hours’ worship followed by a talk, then some ministry and more worship. (Incidentally, when I say worship I really mean worship through music — singing. I realise that worship is how we live our lives, not just what we do in church or whatever…)

The seminars were good also. Some really useful stuff there, good practical stuff which I’ll try and remember over the next year or so.

Then back to Phil’s yesterday, and back on the train today. All in all, a really good week, and I now have a couple of CDs to listen to and a book or two to read!

By the way — it’s my birthday today! I am now twenty years of age. I’m not a teenager anymore! Isn’t that weird? Well, OK, only to me, not to anyone else… haven’t done anything special for it, except eat lots of fudge and werther’s original… and a bit of chocolate gateaux as well!

Right then. Time for me to go, I feel. See you later…


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