Why did the one-armed monkey fall out of the tree?…

… because I waved at him.

Yesterday, I came onto campus for my 12:00 final year project lecture. That was great fun! Oh yes. (Actually, it wasn’t that bad… I just realised how much work I have to do before I hand in the next deliverable on Wednesday…) Then I met up with Philippa and Alex, and we went into town to see The Matrix Revolutions.

My thoughts regarding the film… I think it was certainly a cut above some of the rubbish that they’re putting out these days. Whilst I think they could have done it slightly better, maybe answered some more questions, explored some more issues, I think that as a film it was fantastic and I will certainly be buying it when it comes out on DVD. The special effects were amazing! And both Alex’s and Anne-Marie’s theories turned out to be right and wrong in various places. Still, I’ll leave the theorising until the DVD comes out, when I can watch it again and see what is actually said.

Then, we went to McDonalds as a group. Then Philippa and I headed off home. Well to her place, actually. We waited for a while for the bus, but then decided it would be just as quick to actually walk so we did. Then we went onto campus, had a drink for a while, and then I headed off home and did my CC257 Assignment. Liz is staying around at our place for a few days, she’s coming on the house party this weekend. That’s cool 🙂

Anyway. Today, I came onto campus for committee at 12:00, then had a prayer triplet at 2:00, then came into a computer lab to do some work, met up with Alex and Philippa in Mondo, then back into a computer lab to do some more work and write this blog.

So, I’d better get on with me ol’ final year project. Work Breakdown Structures? No problem. Let’s off-road!


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