Once again, I find that I haven’t updated in several days. Well, that’s mainly because I haven’t done anything particularly worthy of writing here. Thursday evening, I went round to Esther and Anne-Marie’s with Phil P, and we chatted for a bit and watched ‘Carry on Doctor’. Yesterday, we had a wine evening (sort of). Gemma, Andy H, Esther, Anne-Marie, Matthew, Ian, Kev B and of course me and Phil P were there. It was a really good evening! Random chatting, dancing around to some cheese, deep theological conversations – it was all there!

Anyway. So that’s it. Tomorrow I get to see Philippa, yay! *ahem*

I don’t usually do this, but I think I’m going to add in a quote here. I don’t particularly know why, but I was reading an article on some website, and thought I might as well nick that quote and use it here.

“When we look at the earth as it is now, we see that judgment is inevitable. In fact, the sin of men is already carrying out this judgment. Yet if we consider the words of Christ, we will find that grace, mercy, and compassion will triumph over judgment. We expect a new heaven and a new earth, but we must not trouble ourselves with exactly how and when it will come. We know only that it is coming. And since Peter says that the church must expect, help, and hasten on the coming of God, we also know it is our task to see that something of God’s kingdom is revealed and made living among us.”


That’s me over and out. Will update sometime soon…


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