The rest of the weekend, and Monday morning

Thought I’d update this blog before going on to chaplaincy lunch! I’m currently sitting in csclab5, reading up about the Apache XML Project — looking for an XHTML validator that’s already been written so I don’t have to write one. I’d rather not have to write one myself; I don’t think I’ve got the time! Not with testing and everything…

Anyway. Yesterday, I went to Fordham in the morning. Then I went home and had lunch. Then I spent most of the afternoon doing scripty-type things with Phil P. Then I watched some Futurama with Alex. Then Philippa came round, we ordered a pizza and watched “The Parole Officer” and “101 Dalmations” (the live action version).

This morning, I came onto campus for 12:00 to do some work on my project, and now I’m going to go to chaplaincy lunch and then to my robotics lab. It’s all good fun…


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