Well, I came onto campus for about 12:00 again and went the Robotics lab, only to find that the stuff wasn’t set out because it isn’t our lab time today. I was under the impression that the stuff would be left out even in the non-allocated lab time, but apparently not. The postgrads were using it, so I spent a few minutes in there just tidying up some code, and then got a drink and went to the chaplaincy for a while, chatted to Joe for a bit. Then I came to Lab 5 (my favourite lab; this is where most of my project was done) and worked on the write-up for the robotics assignment. I’ve got about 1,000 words written which I don’t think is too bad! Admittedly I do have a (new-found, since my project) capacity to waffle on for hours about stuff, but this is probably a good thing if what you are waffling on about is at least a bit relevant.

Anyway. I’m going to nip out and get a drink, then come back to the lab until about 5, and then go and meet Joe. Joe’s coming round to our house later; we’re going to go to the fish and chip shop (or possibly the Rose & Crown) for dinner and then watch a film or something. Tis all good…

Anyway, that’s enough for today. Three updates in as many days — count yourselves lucky! All you millions of people who read this blog…


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