I don’t really know why I’m going to bother updating. I haven’t actually done much all day… I didn’t go to Church this morning. After Starsky & Hutch last night (which, incidentally, was very good) I went round to Philippa’s for a hot chocolate, and got home early this morning. That was the last time I will see Phil for a couple of weeks… today was a bit of a comedown really. It has been a good weekend, and then today there weren’t many people in! Alex has gone home, Phil P appears to be out (at Esther’s, presumably)… ah well. Onward we go.

I’m rather tired so I’ll probably go to bed relatively early tonight, and be up for work tomorrow — into university to the robotics lab! The timetabled lab time for me is 9:30-12:30… I doubt I’ll be up that early! But I might go onto campus in the morning and stay there for lunch.

That’s it from me… I probably won’t update all that much over the next few weeks, because not much will be going on. So don’t expect anything…


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