This holiday has gone rather quickly…

Term starts again a week on Monday. This Easter has gone by very quickly! I’ve only got two more days at home before I head back to Wivenhoe (next Tuesday). I suppose the trip down to London and everything meant that it would go by a lot more quickly, but even so it’s still been very fast!

Anyway. I haven’t done much since Wednesday… I got back to Ipswich safely on Thursday afternoon, and I’ve just been doing the usual since then. Doing some revision (or trying to avoid doing some revision to be more precise).

By the way – in case I don’t post here tomorrow (in fact, until I get back to Wivenhoe, which is likely) – happy Easter! And if you haven’t already, why not use this Easter as an opportunity to find a little bit more about what it’s all about? Go in with an open mind, you’d be surprised at what you might find 🙂

See you later guys.


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