Safely back at home

Well, sort of. I took half of my stuff home yesterday, and that’s all safely at home now. I currently have the rest of my stuff in the car on campus, I’m sitting in a computer lab. I came back just to pick up the stuff and do a bit of cleaning, which is now done. I’ve left my keys in the house as well, so I won’t be able to go back there for a while! :-O!

So, hopefully the stuff isn’t being stolen as I write this, if it is you’ll know soon enough!

It feels strange to have finished, but as I’ve gone out about that for a while, I think I’ll just leave that for the moment. I’ll tell you what — I’ll post something here when it stops feeling strange, how about that? 😉

Anyway. I wanted to write about ‘Henmania’ (as the tabloids have dubbed it). Why is it that the British public (or the English public) are so masochistic? I mean, what has Tim Henman ever done to merit the waves of English / British people cheering him on? It’s ridiculous, it really is!

He always gets up to the quarter- or semi-finals and then loses. He’s pretty much done that every year so far — and yet, people think that this year is somehow going to be different? I was watching the game today, and I was actually hoping that Henman would go out in the first round. At least that would mean no more Henmania (until next year, unless he retires or something). But luck was not on my side, he’s still in the tournament.

Come on Tim — do us all a favour and win the damn tournament, then maybe we can relax…


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