The Ball and House Party…

Well, it’s been a while since I last updated! As for what’s been happening since then — a couple of ‘big events’, the The Summer Ball and the CU summer House Party.

The former went well, it was a good night! Long, but I survived and am in the Survivor’s photo (hopefully). I won’t bother to give a review of the acts, because none of them were really worth mentioning! Me and Chris spent most of Kelly Lorenna’s set singing Badger Badger Badger, and the rock tent was really cool, but just a generally good night 🙂

The CU house party was good. The themes were identity, relationships and doubt. They were handled well by the speakers, Phil Marshall (the UCCF worker from UEA) and Alice Jackson (our UCCF worker). The talks were all very challenging… one thing I took from the week was the call to be holy and set apart. This is something which I think God’s been challenging me specifically about in the past few weeks as it’s come up several times. It’s certainly something which is very hard to do, but with God’s grace it will become more and more possible for me!

Anyway. Apart from things theological, the weekend was good fun. The talent show on Wednesday night went well. Me, Alex, Philippa, Phil P and Kev B performed ‘Love Me For a Reason’ as “The Backseat Boys”:

That went down very well! And it was a generally fun week (despite the hayfever). Thorrington Scout Camp is a beautiful location!

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up of both the summer ball and the house party within the next few days.

One more piece of news, I’m going for a job interview on Tuesday morning! It’s a web programming job with a company in Chelmsford. Out of the student world and into the world of work, it’s a scary prospect…

All for now!


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