Conspiracy theories in the blogosphere…

Well, apparently George W Bush was wearing a prompter earpiece / device in the presidential debates… suffice it to say that I’ve been reading the blogs and the evidence looks quite convincing.

I just can’t believe this guy is president of the US!

Anyway, here’s the info:

If what the prompters were saying to Bush could be recorded at the next debate, that’d be great… unfortunately, I think the blogosphere has had an unfortunate side-effect: now people know that GWB is possibly wired, the GWB officials will encrypt the data or something — basically, make it difficult or even impossible to record! Hmmm… we shall see.

N.B. — if you see any typos or words that shouldn’t be there in this blog — ignore them. I’m not having a good day with language, could be something to do with being a bit tired…


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