I am Fed Up!

I am absolutely fed up with Windows. Currently I’m using Windows XP Professional… but I don’t know whether I’ll be using it for very much longer.

The reason? It sucks. Let me qualify that a bit. It’s actually not a bad operating system in itself… what does suck, however, is that being the predominant operating system on the planet for home users, most bits of malware (e.g. spyware and viruses) are designed for it. Internet Explorer on my computer became infected with spyware a few months ago (admittedly it was my fault; I accidentally clicked ‘yes’ when I should have clicked no — that’s what you get for not reading things properly).

Anyway, I think my computer is just getting clogged up … it’s not good! What I’m going to do is sometime in the near future, become a linux user. Obviously not a total Linux user, because there are unfortunately still things which need Windows to run (e.g. quite a lot of games, music production software…) But I’m just fed up with Windows and how I’m constantly the target of spyware and stuff!

Incidentally, Open Office is a good open-source alternative to Microsoft Office, and many of the programs I use to develop software (such as the excellent jEdit) are written in Java and are as such cross-platform, or they’ve been compiled for Linux.

Anyway. I know Linux isn’t ideal, no operating system is (in the case of Linux I think the main thing is it’s not very user-friendly, which is improving, and the programs which require Windows to run) but anything is better than Windows!


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