The Weekend

Thought I’d just let you know how the weekend went! It didn’t get off to a particularly good start. I got a call on Friday morning saying that unfortunately I hadn’t got the job I went to an interview for. So that was quite disappointing! Still. I went to Colchester in the afternoon, and met up with Philippa. It was Paul’s birthday, so we went round to Gemma’s house and then on to Cheesy Tunes — a group of us even managed to get a picture of ourselves on the Essex Ents website!

On Saturday, in the morning I didn’t do much… in the afternoon, Philippa did some work on campus and I went into Wivenhoe to meet up with Alex et al from Claremont Road. For dinner Philippa, Liz and Phil P joined us and we had fish and chips. Then we went back and watched ‘Anchorman’.

Sunday, I went to Fordham in the morning, then round to Wivenhoe again and played a game of Risk with Ash, Matt and Alex, and then in the evening Paul and Ian cooked us a gourmet meal which was very nice 🙂

So now you know! Back to the job hunt…


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