80s and 90s night!

Well, I was going to post something up on here a few days ago, but for some reason Blogger seemed to be unaccessible. Ah well.

I came down to Colchester on Friday. On Friday night, me and Philippa went round to Claremont Road to have a curry which Alex had very kindly offered to cook for us. Saturday, we went into town to buy a few things for the Bond night which the Anglican Chaplaincy were putting on. I managed to buy myself a new suit from the Salvation Army for £8.99! It’s not a bad suit – although I don’t know much about suits and their quality, I can’t see any frayed edges or anything, it looks in pretty good condition. Not bad!

The Bond evening itself went very well, hopefully I’ll have some pictures to put up here of it soon. Thanks very much to Matthew for arranging it, and all the games and things he came up with! It was very enjoyable 🙂

This evening, there’s an 80s and 90s night in Cafe Mondo on campus, which the CU are putting on and I’m DJing at. It’s going to be a good evening, so if you’re around — come down! 9:00 until 12:30 this evening.

Lastly, I thought I’d already posted about this but evidently not. Anyway, I have a job interview tomorrow! At least, all things being well (for reasons which are too complicated to go into here) I hope I’ll have an interview, it might have to be rescheduled. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and my hands together (in prayer) for this one!

Right, I think that’s just about it. Phill out…


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