I think I might have posted this before…

… but it’s worth posting again. I’m just reading The 2004 list of words that must be destroyed. I found this one good, and still relevant…

“weapons of mass destruction”

Right now the most active and threatening weapon of mass destruction in the entire world is the United States of America, so knock it off with the political jargon pigeonholing the hysteria inducing WMDs as something only enemies have. Call them what they are: bombs, chemicals, and missiles. You don’t call a gun a weapon of personal destruction, do you? Is a tank a weapon of better than average destruction? Is the Death Star a weapon of total destruction? I got into a fight the other day, and had to deploy my weapons of slightly less than moderate inconvenience at him.

By the way, Simon’s set up a new site. It’s called “LabourOut.co.uk”, I haven’t linked to it because the DNS hasn’t updated yet. Or something. Anyway, by the time you read this it might have done. So, um, yeah.


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