It’s official. I don’t like Microsoft (well, I think they’ve done wonders for the computing industry in that you don’t have to have a PhD to be able to use a computer these days, and Windows is still much easier to use than Linux, but I think there are some things that are pretty bad, such as)…

I find it really ironic that my new design will display perfectly fine in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer it barely displays at all. The reason I find this ironic, is that it’s actually valid HTML, according to the W3C Validator! Microsoft just don’t make browsers that conform to standards… I don’t think I’m going to bother making my page work in IE. Anyone who uses it can just get themselves a decent browser! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking of open source software, I got a copy of Mozilla Thunderbird today. I have to say, all my fears about being compatible with Outlook were groundless — it seemed to import all my address book and emails without any problems. And works pretty well, although I haven’t been using it for long. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Well, it seems I’m doing pretty well on my open source quest. I think that there are only about three or four programs that I’m using which are proprietary software. If anyone has any suggestions for open source (a) FTP Programs, (b) music production programs, (c) DVD players then I’d welcome them! I know that the best freeware music production software is probably Buzz, but still.

Incidentally, there’s another piece of software which you might be interested in. If you want to create PDF files (for free), then check out CutePDF Writer. Although it is proprietary it is free, and relises on GNU (open-source) software. So check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

I think that’s just about it from me. I might actually start up a page about this open-source crusade, perhaps something for the new site!


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