The Weekend, and things

Just thought I’d post up to let you know what my weekend was like. I went up to Colchester on Saturday afternoon, and had dinner with Philippa. Afterwards we went to Waffles for a cocktail, and spent our evening there (well, we did go for a wander round town, but decided against stopping in anywhere because it was all so packed). On sunday morning, as the CU were holding their autumn house party at St John’s we went to the morning service there. It was good!

And then in the afternoon we… uh… didn’t do much… and then went to Claremont Road and had pizza and watched ‘Mulan’. Afterwards Alex made a comment something like, “Well that wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen.” Ok, so that probably wasn’t funny unless you were there, still…

Um, in other news, my CV is being forwarded on to another company! So that’s good news. Hopefully I’ll get a proper job soon, but in the meantime it’s back to the ol’ cleaning soon. At least it’s only today and tomorrow…


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