Interesting plays, and things

Yesterday, I went to Colchester for the evening. Me, Philippa and Alex went to see a play called ‘Marat / Sade’. You can read the write-up on the Essex Arts Office website. It was… interesting. I have to say, I don’t mind things being weird provided that they’re making some kind of point, or being constructive. For example, I think “Fight Club” is a really weird film, but I really like it because I think it makes some very good points. I Heart Huckabees was similar, although it didn’t make points in the same way it caused you to at least think (in a positive way).

I just think Marat / Sade was just depressing, and not particularly constructive… But anyway. Then I came home, and went to work today, and this evening I watched a DVD (‘Airplane’). It’s a fun old life …


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