The Weekend

I won’t really say much about it, because I didn’t do much! On Friday, Philippa came to Ipswich, and … um … we watched some ‘Family Guy’ and stuff. Nothing exciting! Then on Saturday, we … um … went back to Colchester. And then on Sunday, we went to Fordham for Lessons and Carols, and then had a big Christmas dinner cooked by Paul. (it was great!) And then, we went round to watch Alex’s for “It’s a Wonderful Life”. That is a classic film… I haven’t watched it in a long time, watching it again I realised just why it’s on every Christmas! I think it’s very well written and acted, and they get the level of sentimentality just right (i.e., reserve it for the end of the film…)

I’m in my last week of work, and then I’ve got Christmas off, until the New Year. It’ll be good to have a break — I’m used to the early starts by now, but it’ll be nice to have a lay in for a while!

That’s it folks.


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