At long last! – I’ve joined the revolution…

Well, after having used Microsoft’s tired old Active Server Pages (ASP) to code my website for the past… oooh, five years? – I’ve decided to make the switch to PHP. In fact I’ve been doing PHP for a while now (I think I’ve mentioned it) — but the key point here is that my own website is now coded in PHP! Not this one, but my test site is, and you can see it online 🙂

I’ve also thought of a rather elegant solution to that of blogs. Because blogger basically just generates text, and you can customise how it generates it any way you like, I’ve had a rather good thought as to how I can manage my blog: just generate an XML file using blogger, instead of HTML, and then read the XML in from the main page (or wherever you want to have it).

Simple, elegant, and gets round that nasty problem of page includes which I have at the moment… you know, I like PHP! Although I haven’t tried .NET, I have a suspicion PHP is a tad better…


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