Tonight only: Matthew on Lust

Sorry about that title, but this morning in the Anglican Chaplaincy Matthew preached about lust! So I felt I had to take the opportunity to have that as a title somewhere 🙂

Anyway. I haven’t really done much exciting. At work I was busy, so not much happened there… I’m writing this in Colchester. I came down to Colchester yesterday, and went for lunch with Philippa and her parents. We went to the Black Buoy, and I had a late breakfast — I highly recommend it, it was lovely!

In the afternoon we stayed in and didn’t do much, then in the evening we went to the African / Nigerian evening in the chaplaincy. It was good, we learnt a bit more about Nigerian culture – not to mention having some really nice food!

Anyway, today we went to the chaplaincy service in the morning (as you probably will have gathered), then had lunch in the SU Bar, before doing the ‘Phil Show’ and CU Mix on university radio. All good fun!

Don’t think there’s much else to say, so… um… au revoir!


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