More Labour Lies?

Simon’s just put up a post on his website, more labour lies (you’ll need to login to see it). In case you can’t, here’s a quote:

posted at 11:24 PM

Anyway. I think I agree with him… one thing that I really hate about today’s political parties is that all they seem to focus on is comparing themselves to the opposition favourably. Admittedly it’s been going on for a long time, but when you get a campaign by labour which basically equates to: “oh, vote for us, at least we’re not the tories!” – I really think that pushes the limit.

Do you really think we are so stupid, Mr. Blair? Do you think we’ve got memories short enough to forget things like Iraq? Or Afghanistan? Or those 1997 election pledges…

And I’ll stop being political now because I don’t know anything about it 🙂


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