New Features, but something really stupid…1 min read

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good news… the good news is that I’ve added a new feature to the blog – the ability to archive posts the minute you make them (i.e., as you will see this post now appears in the Archive, even though it’s a new post). Unfortunately, the bad news is that the creation of this new feature meant that all the posts that I made since the start of April have been deleted.

That is not a good state of affairs, unfortunately!

Ah well, it could have been worse. It was a really stupid mistake, so I deserveed it! Also of course, serves me right for working on my live blog where I should be working on my computer (I will get around to rebuilding it properly one day…)

Anyway. Um, I’ve had a good week down at Philippa’s, got back on Friday, had a good weekend. Yesterday went to look for flats. Today went to Church, dropped Philippa off at the station…

Oh, and I think I’m going to start up a new page for my blog system as the feature list is starting to get bigger… I think I’m going to call it “X-Blog” (or perhaps a cheesy pun like “Sacre Blog” – Sacre Bleu, geddit?).

I’ll keep you posted!

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