The Weekend

And, once again, the customary “the weekend” post 🙂 It was a good one this week. On Friday I went back home after work to have dinner, and then headed off to Wivenhoe to meet people at The Station. I hadn’t been in there before, it was quite a small place but we had a good time. Quite a few people were there, including Alex, Ian, Phil P, Esther, Anne-Marie et al.

On Saturday morning I went into town to get my hair cut, and in the afternoon me, Paul and Philippa went to look for flats. There were a few possibilities; one which we liked the look of was a flat quite close to the town centre. It would be an ideal location for Paul, not so much for me because of the traffic but it might not be too bad.

On Saturday night we went to see ‘The Interpreter’. It’s a good film, I recommend it! It kept you guessing (or in my csae, just a bit confused) but it was well worth going to see 🙂

Anyway. On Sunday morning I went to Fordham. Mike was preaching on Isaiah, I really enjoyed it! And then after lunch I went back home. And I did a mix for an online DJ Competition in the evening. Fun fun fun!


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