The news I was talking about

Yes, the news I was talking about. I have a flat! Woo-hoo! I put the admin fee down on it on Saturday, which means it’s off the market. It’s in Colchester, near the town centre. And if you want to come and visit me, please do! Drop me a line and I’ll tell you where it is 🙂 Hopefully moving in there in about a month. Just a matter of actually getting the deposit down etc…

I’ve also been working a bit more on X-Blog, I think I’m actually quite close to getting version 1.0 out.

Anyway, better make a quick “the weekend” type post! It was a long one this time, what with the bank holiday yesterday. Friday evening I’ve posted about (the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). On Saturday, Philippa and I went into town in the afternoon to get the flat (as you know), and then in the evening we went round to Wivenhoe for a BBQ at Julian’s house. It was really enjoyable evening, I had a great time!

On Sunday we went to the chaplaincy service in the morning, did the radio show in the afternoon, and then in the evening went round to Wivenhoe for a drink at the Rose & Crown, and then back to Claremont Road to see Alex and his flatmates.

For the bank holiday itself, Philippa and I went for a long walk in the afternoon around “Hilly Fields” – a nature reserve really close to Colchester town centre. It was very nice! Beautiful day to go out walking.

Finally, an honorable mention must go to “Doctor Who” again – the Daleks are back! Oh, what fun…


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