The Weekend

I suppose I’d better make the customary “The Weekend” post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Um, yes. This weekend I haven’t done a lot. I’ve spent a few hours preparing a talk I’m doing at the Anglican Chaplaincy in just under two weeks. On Saturday evening I went to see (or listen to) the University of Essex Choir sing Vaughn Williams’ “Sea Symphony”. To be honest it wasn’t my favourite choral piece – although having said that, choral pieces aren’t really my forte. I’m more of a piano kind of person I think – my favourite classical piece I’ve ever heard live was Shostakovich’s second piano concerto. Absolutely amazing…

On Sunday I went to church as usual in the morning, and then headed off to Colchester to meet up with Philippa and a few other people. In the evening we went round to Claremont Road and watched the new Doctor Who episode (Simon Pegg was absolutely fantastic in it) and most of ‘Peter Kay Live’. Peter Kay is a very funny guy, although I imagine he wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes!

That brings you up to speed… Um, not much else to say, so I’ll stop there!


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