Bowling for Columbine

Well, I watched ‘Bowling for Columbine’ yesterday evening round at 39 Claremont Road. It was really good… I know some people think Michael Moore does twist the truth a bit to support his own point of view (certainly that may be the case), but in general I think I agree: America does seem to be a very paranoid nation. Also, they seem to have easy access to weapons.

I just think the arguments for allowing citizens to ‘bear arms’ are ridiculous – if you own a gun, even if you are a responsible person the temptation is there to use it. And, of course, suppose a child of six finds it and doesn’t know what it does… things can happen. It does make me annoyed, but what can you do? – I’m not a citizen of the USA, so it’s not really my place to do anything.

Anyway. I’m going to a piano recital this afternoon at the Arts Centre in Colchester – Beethoven Sonatas and Debussy 10 Preludes. Should be good!

All for now…


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