Things that annoy me…

I was going to post this before, but I got distracted. When I say “before” I mean, some time ago. Anyway, you know those little things which get on your nerves? Not very much, not enough for you to actually do anything about them, but they just exist for the sole purpose of annoying you?

Anyway. One of those things things is – links on websites opening up the link in a new window. It’s SO ANNOYING!!! You’re happily browsing through a website, and all of a sudden a new window opens when you click on a link (usually through the use of target=”_top”.

There really doesn’t seem to be much reason for it, other than if you open up an external link in a new window people can come back to your site. Great, nice one. If there is still stuff on the original site I want to visit, I’ll middle-click on the link and open up a new tab in Firefox, no worries about a new window!

I could write more about this, but I won’t. All I’ll say is, if you’re a web designer and do this without at least warning people – your website will incur my displeasure. Which is not a good thing.


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