Migrating to Linux, part II

Hmmm, well, one more thing I’ve found out about Linux: when you install a program with Windows, generally that’s all you need to download: one program. Not so with Linux. I’ve just been trying to install a DVD player (Ogle, an open source DVD player for unix based systems).

I’ve finally managed to get it working, but it took quite a lot of hit and miss to get there! There are a lot of additional packages it depends on.

There is a GUI to it as well, but I couldn’t get that to work… it’s getting late, I can’t be bothered, and I don’t know what’s wrong!

This could well be more work than I’d intended, but in a funny kind of way it’s actually quite satisfying – seeing it come together. I’ve managed to get an MP3 player working as well! Just need to get DivXs working now…


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