Dirty Young Men!

I found an interesting article today on the Guardian. It’s about “Lads’ Mags”. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I think (despite this article sounding like a huge rant) I actually agree with it.

Are lads’ mags a bit of harmless fun, or do they cause harm which may not be obvious? I think quite a telling question to ask is, “Men have been accused of looking at women as objects. Do lads’ mags encourage this, or discourage it?” Some will answer that it makes no difference. I don’t know, I just think at very best lads’ mags can be a neutral influence on society, I suspect it may well be worse than that.

No real reason I’m posting this because none of my ‘readership’ (including myself) read lads’ mags (to my knowledge)… it’s just something I have feelings about. It just worries me to see how popular they are and the seeming spread of our sex-saturated culture…


2 responses to “Dirty Young Men!”

  1. Here, here – well said!

  2. What??? Simon agreeing with something in The Guardian?

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