The Weekend

So, what did I get up to this weekend? On Friday evening, I went into Wivenhoe with Alex for a drink at the Black Buoy. It was quite nice actually – the pub was nice and warm, good to go into on a cold evening! Good to catch up with Alex as well, as I haven’t seen him much lately.

On Saturday I didn’t do much during the day… in the evening I went to the chaplaincy film evening. We watched “Dodgeball”, very funny 🙂 It was just Chris J, Sarah, Alison, Alex, Matthew and Ellie there. Afterwards, Alex, Sarah, Alison and I stayed and played a few games with Alex’s eyeToy. That was really good fun — seeing people jump around and wave their arms around without looking at the screen is very amusing…

Yesterday — once again, I didn’t do very much! In the evening Philippa came round after getting back from London, and then we got some pizza and went round to Alex’s to watch “Bill Bailey: Bewilderness”.

And, that just about brings you up to date! All for now…


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