Useful Phrases in Esperanto

I have a program on my machine called “fortune” (if you’re using Fedora Core and want to install it using yum, it’s called ‘fortune-mod’: yum install fortune-mod). Basically it means that every time I type in ‘fortune’ at the command line, it comes up with a ‘fortune’, or a funny quote or something like that. (I also have a fish called Bob on my task bar which runs the command when I click on it, but anyway).

I clicked on it just now, and it came up with something which I think is very appropriate given the content of my last post! You will probably find this funny even if you’re not a geek (like me):

Fortune presents:

^Cu tiu loko estas okupita?		Is this seat taken?
^Cu vi ofte venas ^ci-tien?		Do you come here often?
^Cu mi povas havi via telelonnumeron?	May I have your phone number?
Mi estas komputilisto.			I work with computers.
Mi legas multe da scienca fikcio.	I read a lot of science fiction.
^Cu necesas ke vi eliras?		Do you really have to be going?


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