I went to see King Kong last night. It wasn’t bad, but … well, I just had the feeling that they could have effectively reduced the length by about a half without missing much. Not that the thing was slow-moving, just that some of the scenes were drawn out a lot. Ok, so the special effects were good, and some of the acting was pretty good… but, to be honest, films don’t really get that ridiculous unless they’re comedies. It just struck me as being a bit forced… I know that a film about a giant monster isn’t going to be particularly realistic, but they tried to add the ‘human’, touchy-feely element into it which I don’t think worked.

It just gets more ridiculous towards the end. Reminded me a bit of ‘The Hulk’ actually, although definitely not as bad as that (couldn’t possibly be).

If I was giving it marks out of 10, I’d probably give it about a 5. Go and see if it you’ve really got nothing else on, but don’t expect it to be the best film you’ve ever seen!


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