This is a link that I’ve found before, and I think I e-mailed off to a couple of people, but haven’t got around to posting up here. Until today. So, here you go: “A Wink is as Good as a Nod“. It’s a short piece about smileys, and about how some earlier writers might have used the smiley, had they had it at their disposal. My favourite section is towards the end, the response to Jane Austen. But I’ll let you read it…

Anyway. Yes. I haven’t done much the past couple of days. On Wednesday evening, I went to a Fordham home group social with Philippa. That was good fun! And very nice food… we played “pass the pig” afterwards which has left me convinced that some people have a better “pig-throwing” technique than others. And, as that’s the only thing I’ve really done this week, as well as not wanting to make myself sound more insane than I am already, I’ll stop there…


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