The Weekend

So… what did I get up to this weekend? Well… on Friday evening, Philippa came round and we had dinner, and then watched “Be Cool“, which is one of the films I bought on DVD the other week. It was pretty good actually! Quite light-hearted and funny.

On Saturday morning we went into town for a few bits and pieces and had lunch in Starbucks (the paninis there are quite nice, and I like their attitude to Fair Trade). In the evening, we went to St Botolph’s to hear Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and ‘Emperor’ concerto. It was a very enjoyable evening – the orchestra (St Botolph’s Music Society orchestra) were very good, and the soloists were wonderful.

Yesterday, in the morning we went to the chaplaincy service as Phil P was speaking! He was very good, and it was good to catch up with him and a few other people in The Flag afterwards over lunch. In the evening, we went round to Anne-Marie / Esther / Matthew’s house, and watched “The Wedding Singer” together, as well as eating hot dogs.

In random, unrelated news, I found a page today which was about the lack of IT understanding in… you guessed it, publications designed to help people understand IT! This next quote comes from this page:

“The four major uses of a DBMS package are database development, database interrogation, database maintenance, and application development.”

Whoah! So, the primary uses of a database management system include database development, database interrogation, database maintenance… way to go for writing a self-fulfilling prophecy! Or, just something really, really, stupid.

You see what happens when you let business types write IT books? 😉

I would rant off into the sunset, but as it’s not sunset yet (and if it was there wouldn’t be much of one), I’ll just rant off into the grey sky…


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