How to manage stress

Just seen a great quote. Do you have trouble with stress? Do you worry about things overly? Read on…

Stress has been pinpointed as a major cause of illness. To avoid overload and burnout, keep stress out of your life. Give it to others instead. Learn the “Gaslight” treatment, the “Are you talking to me?” technique, and the “Do you feel okay? You look pale.” approach. Start with negotiation and implication. Advance to manipulation and humiliation. Above all, relax and have a nice day.

Your stress management lesson today comes free of charge courtesy of Bob the Monkfish and the letter ร˜ยต (which is apparently the Arabic letter sad. No, it won’t display right on your screen. Do I care? No.)

4 thoughts on “How to manage stress

  1. Yes indeed, although I always thought that was a little harsh on the dogs. Plus the might turn out to be like Dogbert (I was going to post a link to the cartoon where Dogbert bills Dilbert for friendship, but I can’t find it unfortunately!)

  2. Yeah, and it displayed fine on my PC at work as well. So apparently, it’s only the characters that I *do* want to work on other screens which don’t work then! Sod’s law and all that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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