The Weekend

Well, it’s been quite a busy weekend, this one! Friday evening, Philippa and I went to see the Nayland Village Players perform “An Inspector Calls”. I really enjoyed it – the play was very clever, and there was a lot of food for thought there about human nature and how what we do can affect someone’s life. The performance was very well done despite being amateur, and all the cast performed well! I would definitely recommend going to see them if you get the chance.

We also managed to discover a really good pub, completely by accident! We’d booked to go for dinner at the Rose & Crown in Great Horkesley, but because their chef had broken down and wouldn’t be there until later we couldn’t eat there. We decided to head into Nayland to see if there were any good places to eat there instead, and we came across The Anchor. It’s a really good pub — very friendly, good food, and a nice setting! I would definitely recommend that to anyone in the area – Philippa and I will be heading back there sometime soon! Also, Nayland is a very pretty village, it’s worth having a look around (not that we managed to see much of it, but still).

Anyway. On Saturday, we went down to Deal in Kent for Phil and Jenny’s wedding. It was a really good day! They had some lovely weather for the wedding, and I think the service & reception went well. The sermon was actually very helpful, despite all the points beginning with the same letter… and it was fantastic to see so many friends again! Particularly Joe and Chris & Louise, who I haven’t seen since their wedding (Chris & Louise, that is, not Joe. I haven’t seen him since Chris & Louise’s wedding, but he wasn’t the one getting married … you know what I mean).

On Saturday night we stayed with Philippa’s parents, and stayed on for Church & lunch on Sunday. In the afternoon we headed back to Colchester. In the evening, we moved Philippa’s stuff over to Phil B’s old flat! It took a bit of doing, but we managed to fit all of it in one car and she is now comfortably ensconced in Phil B’s old room. That’s the last place she’s going to have to live before we get married and she moves into Charles House… I have to say, I think we’re both quite looking forward to it, not least because it will mean none of this keep moving around!

Right, I think that’s just about everything. All that remains is to wish Phil & Jenny the very best for the future, even if they don’t read this! 🙂


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