The Weekend

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for a slightly later “The Weekend” post! I meant to do it yesterday but I was rather busy. Anyway.

What did I get up to at the weekend? Well, on Friday evening Foz came up and we went to the “What?” bar. There was a hip-hop / breaks / dnb night on… it was a good evening! Philippa, Steve and Karen joined us as well. Afterwards, Foz and I dropped into Picasso’s to meet up with Deano, who is the manager of MyDJSpace.

On Saturday morning, Philippa and I went shopping: we had agreed to do lunch for the 42 weekend away (42 is the youth group at Fordham). It went well – we had plenty of time, and I think everyone enjoyed it! In the afternoon I didn’t do very much, and then in the evening KevvyB came round. We watched “Doctor Who”, and then went out to Waffles for a drink. Despite the pouring rain, it was an enjoyable evening!

On Sunday, in the morning we went to Fordham as per usual. Then in the afternoon we went onto campus to meet up with Alex and Chris J to practice a sketch we’re doing next Saturday. Afterwards, I went round to Chris J’s for a while, and then we met up with Alex and Matthew and went into town to watch “Mission: Impossible 3”.

MI:3 was actually pretty good. I think if you liked the previous two you’ll definitely like this one. I don’t know whether I’d buy it on DVD, but it’s certainly worth watching at the cinema if you like “action” type films.

While I’m on the subject of reviewing, I mentioned that my copy of “Best Kept Secrets” by Lamb arrived last week. I’d previously heard ‘Gorecki’, ‘Gabriel’ and ‘Angelica’ by them and it was interesting to find out what their other stuff sounded like. It’s quite diverse – some of their stuff is quite experimental and minimal, whereas other tracks are really melodic and more uplifting. To be honest, I don’t actually know how I’d be able to describe the album because their style isn’t like anyone else’s that I’ve heard. But it’s definitely good. I’d recommend it, but you’d probably have to be into more electronic music to appreciate it. Definitely an album which bears repeat listening.

Right, that’s it for the time being. I’m off!


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