Football and Theology

Unfortunately, this isn’t a post trying to link together football and theology. I don’t want to espouse a “Goal Difference” method of judgement, or even a “Golden Goal” salvation… I just wanted to say I watched the game earlier. It was a good game, although a little nerve-wracking for England fans (aren’t they all…). The second Swedish goal was probably about the lamest goal I have ever seen England concede (recently), but I think it was just poetic justice for those goal-line clearances (and possible hand ball) earlier on in the game.

Actually, what I wanted to mention was an article on Simon Cozen’s blog entitled, “The Theologian Has No Clothes“. The reason I mention it is because I was rambling on about something like this at home group last week, and this article sums up my thoughts quite nicely. In fact, puts it a lot better than I ever could… I think Simon Cozens is (or was) a theology student, which probably explains a lot 🙂

Anyway, here’s a quick quote for those of you who don’t like reading things without reading quotes:

Now one of the things that deconstruction has set out to show is that everyone works from a set of assumptions about how the world ought to be seen, and this decides how we think about truth. There is a choice of epistemologies, and they’re all biased. This is a problem in all spheres of knowledge, not just theological knowledge.

So for instance, one very common claim is that we should base our theology on the Bible. This is a good claim. I would not dispute this claim even though we have twenty thousand different viewpoints on how the Bible ought to be interpreted. (By what criteria do we choose the right interpretation? Biblical criteria? Which interpretation of Biblical criteria? How do we know?)

Anyway, that’s it from me tonight. It’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from my web server (well, not really, but you can pretend…)


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