The Weekend. And AJAX. Again.

Well, firstly, I suppose I’d better tell you lot what I got up to this weekend. Well. On Friday, it was Philippa’s graduation. We both took the day off and met up with Phil’s parents for her graduation. It was a really good ceremony — I think I enjoyed it more than I did my own graduation! Afterwards, we met up with my parents and had lunch at the Black Buoy. It was really nice, except for the fact that it was so incredibly hot (not the fault of the Black Buoy, by the way, just hot in general!)

In the evening, we went round to Wivenhoe for an informal “home group” dinner at Chris’ house. It was a very enjoyable evening – we stayed probably too late, and I seem to remember spending the last thirty or so minutes clustered round Chris’ laptop looking at Google Earth… it is actually quite addictive!

On Saturday, we went into town as per usual. I bought a few bits and pieces from Hughes… including a new hi-fi 🙂 I’ve ordered separates, all made by Marantz. I’ve never heard of them before, but they look pretty good and came recommended by Hughes… plus it was on a special offer 😉 I’ll let you know once it’s all arrived (next Saturday) and I’ve had the chance to use it a bit more.

Afterwards, we came back home and didn’t do a huge amount until the evening. Then we went round to Wivenhoe, to see Alex. We all went to the chippie together, and sat by the quayside and ate fish & chips. It was a beautiful evening perfect for that kind of thing! It was really good to see Alex again as well, as we hadn’t seen him for a while.

On Sunday morning, we went to Fordham. Then we came back home, didn’t do much in the evening, and then went to Sunday @ 7 where I played and Andy did a talk on “Why I am not… a Charismatic”. Very interesting stuff actually, I really enjoyed it!

Anyway. That brings me up to the present. Now, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’ve been working on a PHP-based webmail system. This is going to make fairly heavy use of AJAX, so I wanted it to use a decent framework which was fairly well supported, and wasn’t going to keep falling over. Up until today I’ve been using Pajax. However, I’ve experienced a few problems… I’m not really sure why this is. I think it might be some really obscure problem somewhere, I haven’t got the time or inclination to find out really! So I ditched Pajax, and started using ARSCIF. I’ve used it before, and it is a great cross-browser framework. The only problem is, it doesn’t contain a lot of the automatically generated JavaScript code which Pajax did (and other frameworks such as DWR for J2EE). So I wrote some PHP wrappers, and now I’ve got a basically fully functioning AJAX framework for PHP, using ARSCIF (try saying that ten times fast! — actually, no, don’t…)

The upshot of all this is, if you’d like a simple PHP / AJAX framework, let me know — it needs a bit of tidying up at the moment, but when the PHP webmail thingum is working a bit more, I’ll probably upload it here in its tidied form. If you’d like a copy now, let me know and I’ll send the files over to you!

*phew* that was quite a long post! I’ll stop there…


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  1. I’m sure I’d love one if I knew what it was …

  2. I think it’s a scourer, Joe… 😉

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