Ruby On Rails

Well, it’s about time I posted something up about the latest phenomenon, Ruby On Rails. I downloaded and installed it earlier today, and went through one of the tutorials on the website. I am seriously impressed.

I realise now why everyone’s been going on about it recently — it allows web development to be done really quickly. And I mean, really quickly. Viz: this evening, I managed to go through and create the “cookbook” application in an hour or so. Given that I’ve never touched Ruby on Rails before, that’s not bad. Especially given that doing the same thing using J2EE and a combination of Spring, Hibernate, JSTL etc would actually be quite an effort. (Having said that — I’m not saying that Spring, Hibernate etc don’t save effort in their proper context — they do, they’re great frameworks and I use them all the time at work!).

RoR just cuts straight through all the configuration, all the messing around, and lets you be productive. There’s nothing I can really compare it to… all I can say is, if you’re a web developer and you haven’t checked out Ruby on Rails yet — DO IT NOW!

I can guarantee that you will be impressed.


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  1. […] Phill has taken up Ruby on Rails which is kind of scary. Learning Python is quite enough for me right now, however I am just a humanist while but Phill is a proper computer scientist. […]

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