Quick update – the weekend

So… what went on at the weekend, then? Well. On Friday night… we didn’t do very much. No surprises there!

On Saturday, we went into town in the morning, and then in the afternoon Phil went to Fordham to play her Clarinet for Tim & Katie’s wedding, and I went into town to do a few odd bits of shopping. Afterwards, Simon came back with Phil to have a cup of tea, and then (on the spur of the moment) we decided to go to the new curry place down the road from us (called Mirchi Rasoi, or something like that?), and invited Matthew as well. The curry itself was absolutely delicious – and I think everyone else enjoyed theirs! Mine was fairly spicy. However, the service was pretty slow – it’s not the kind of place you’d want to go if you were in a hurry! Still, at least it showed that they were cooking it properly, which is always a good thing. They’ve only been open two weeks, so I think I’ll reserve judgement on the place until we’ve been there again! – the food was good enough to want to go back, so we will probably go there sometime in the new year.

Yesterday, we went to the carol service in the morning, came back, had lunch, went for a walk, and then went for the carol service in the evening! Oh, the fun.

And, actually, I think that’s just about everything! All for now…


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