Follow up to the previous post…

… so, I decided to finish off my previous blog post. Huzzah!

In that post, I talked about mentioning to you some of the blogs I read on a regular basis. I’m not thinking about the blogs of people I know, or of people who have very popular blogs, I’m more thinking about blogs I’ve just stumbled across on the net which I’ve found interesting enough to add to my blog reader.

  • Custardy: This person (pseudonym ‘custard’) was a science / physics teacher in a school, and is now doing a theology course (training to become a minister). He often has some interesting things to say about the Bible (some recent posts have been about Proverbs and Job, for example).
  • Simon Cozens’ Blog: Simon used to be a professional programmer / techie (I found the website by searching for some techie thing on Google), and is now a missionary. Often has some interesting ideas on the church, theology, and technology (there’s a nice mix for you!)
  • The Cartoon Church Blog: The Cartoon Church is a website written by a guy called Dave Walker, who draws some very funny cartoons about church life (funnily enough). The blog sometimes contains cartoons, sometimes thought-provoking stuff, and sometimes other random stuff. It’s a bit of a mixed bag in other words, but I like it, particularly the cartoons!
  • Geofftech’s iBlog: Geoff is a guy who used to live in the UK, but recently (well, about nine months ago) moved out to the USA. He regularly blogs about the differences between the UK and the USA, which I’ve found fascinating so far. I actually found the website by searching for information on the London Underground – he’s the former world record for travelling (with a friend) to all the tube stations in one day in the shortest time.

So, there you have it… what blogs are you people reading?


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