The Weekend

I thought it was about time I had a “The Weekend” post, because I haven’t actually posted one in ages. Well, maybe not ages, but it feels like it! So… what did we get up to at the weekend?

The answer to that is “not a lot”. On Friday evening, we didn’t do very much. I don’t really need to say that any more, do I? I think the problem is that by the time Friday comes around we are both knackered, and just need the evening in to chill out and relax a bit!

On Saturday morning we did some food shopping (oh! the joy and wonderment!), and then in the afternoon we went into town for a bit to get some odds and ends. In the evening we went to the Strada Restaurant on North Hill, which is relatively new. We really enjoyed it actually, there was a wide variety of food on offer (not just your bog standard pizza / pasta which you often get in Italian restaurants – if you go, check out the specials they have!). It was also fairly reasonably priced, which was also good. I think we will be going again soon (well, relatively soon, we don’t eat out at restaurants all that much…)

We went to Fordham on Sunday morning as per usual, and then came back for lunch. Afterwards we sent a few wedding photos off to people (yes, we still have wedding photos to send to people… the list is vastly diminished, though!). In the evening we went round to see Alex, and we watched a few episodes of “Scrubs”. It was muchos funos.

Um, right, I think that’s just about everything. I don’t have much else to say, except that I have now added this blog into Facebook – so hello to all my adoring blog-readers from Facebook! 🙂 More ways to spread the madness, mwahahahahahaha….


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