Weekly Overview

Firstly, I apologise for not updating much this week. We’ve had the week off, and so I’ve been out and about a bit more than I usually would! Secondly, and finally, here is an overview of the week (aren’t I nice?)

I would also like to point out that I can’t remember everything we did this week in the right order, so here is a brief summary of some of the things we may (or may not) have done, and not necessarily in that order:

  • Had a job interview (well, just me)
  • Went into town to do some shopping
  • Watched “Confetti” (it’s very good, by the way)
  • Did some ironing
  • Found the local recycling centre
  • Went to see my parents (and had a nice walk around Nacton Shores)
  • Held a “Wayne’s World” evening
  • Went to a wedding
  • Went to a University of Essex Orchestra concert
  • Went to the pub with Alex

So… there you have it. At some point I may expand on any one of those things. But it’s getting late 😉


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