New Job Tomorrow…

This is strange. I finished my old job on Friday: it feels odd to think that I will never have to go back there again, that from now on every morning I’ll be going somewhere different! I think it’s partially the fact that my previous job was the first proper job that I had out of university. I’d been there for two and a half years – that’s a fair old time!

Anyway. On Friday evening we went out for drinks after work. Everyone said really kind things about me, which was a little embarrassing (being English, it’s difficult to take a compliment), but very flattering. Afterwards I came back home and we didn’t really do very much!

On Saturday it was just a matter of doing some shopping during the day (a nice change from the busyness of last weekend!) and in the evening we down to the chaplaincy for a games night. We spent a long time playing “Balderdash”, it was great fun! Some of the answers people came up with were absolutely hilarious.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, and in the evening we went round to Alex’s. We had a curry at the Bengal Spice (once again, a delicious curry! – never had a bad one there yet…) and then went back to Alex’s to chat for a while and watch random videos from YouTube.

When we came back I spent a while surfing Facebook. I found a group for my old school and joined it – I added a few of my old classmates as friends… Facebook is very useful in helping to see what other people are up to these days! Friends Reunited was good, but because it was a “pay-for” service I don’t think it was all that great. Facebook is much better.

Anyway, that’s probably enough from me. All for now…


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